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Brand Communication In The Time Of Covid19

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Covid19 Has Left No Sector Unscathed As It Ravages On. What is the implication of the Pandemic for Brand Communication? Is My Message Right At This Time or Not? Is there a need for communication modification or not, at this time? What Direction Should It Take?

The Covid19 pandemic is a bad dream from which we all yearn to wake up.

As the world experiences this unfortunate health crisis, there are consequences on the Economy, people and their lifestyle and, consequently, on the brands that they use.

Unfortunately, Covid19 ravages on globally, dealing hard lessons in its wake that may affect brands post Covid19.

As a Brand Owner/Manager, you should, at this time, REVALUATE YOUR BRAND COMMUNICATION. What has your brand been telling its Consumers? How relevant will this message in the Covid 19 era? How relevant will it be post Covid19? We are faced with unusual circumstances and indications are that, post it, a lot will change. It is, therefore, time to revisit your brand values and assess their relevance to your target, for whom experience of the Pandemic is already informing and influencing his brand perception and choices.

RE-EXAMINE BRAND COMMUNICATION to different stakeholders. What has the brand always said? How relevant is this message in the era of the pandemic, does it empathize with the Consumer in the current situation, will it still work post Covid19? Is there a need for communication modification or change?

Truth be told, priorities have changes for many as Covid19 is both a DESTROYER and a TEACHER. As a brand, you must seek to know what has changed/is changing for your Target Groups and how best to connect via relevant communication.
If your brand had communicated DISTINCTIVE TASTE over the years, and these had become a strong connection point with Consumers, this message alone, may not suffice now and post Covid19, particularly if the number one priority has moved to nutritional value or to affordability.

Briefly put, you must empathize with the Consumers, be in their shoes at all times, understand where they are in their journey, go along with them, experience this journey with them, each step of the way to understand what their evolving priorities are, and reflect these effectively, in communication.

When you undertake this journey with the Consumer, you might find the need to modify the message and even review the entire Brand Story; characters, setting, plot, conflict, and resolution in order to be in synchrony with Consumers’ present reality.

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