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Naija Lock Down Life – The Perspective of Moms and Shopper Dads

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Naija Lockdown Life


The World is ravaged with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, with recorded cases at this morning, May 10, 2020, close to 4 million, with over 274,361 deaths!

The steady rise in the number of confirmed cases of the infection in Nigeria since the index case of February 27, 2020 is alarming (4399 at May 10, 2020). Life as we knew it is in lockdown and Nigeria is not left out.

Lockdown orders from the Lagos State Government, followed closely, by that of the Federal Government, incidentally, met many Nigerians unprepared; emotionally, financially and otherwise


Research was conducted to understand the lifestyle of different segments of the Nigerian Populace in the lockdown as well as their adaptation mechanism.


This study was conducted using the Qualitative Research Method.

Specifically, Online Focus Group Discussion Sessions were held among Mothers in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Kano as well as among Shopper Dads in Kano. In the Muslim North where the Purdah System is practiced, Dad often does the Shopping while Mom attends to other home management affairs.

Key Learning and Implications for Brands and Businesses

The COVID 19 Pandemic and the resultant lockdown have got Nigerian Moms and Shopper Dads On Edge. There is an almost palpable sense of despondency as household income takes a hit and the future becomes uncertain.

The current situation presents easy opportunity for brands to step up and play ‘Santa’ through Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives that offer Brands and/or Cash as give away thus, making for strong emotional connection with the brand as empathetic, responsible and trustworthy and ultimately making for trial/loyalty.

In the new normal, it will not be business as usual as Consumers rationalise more than ever before, prior to expenditure.

Prudence is the watchword. Everyone wants the best value and only “Essentials” are in the Shopping Basket. The range is, however, wide:

  • Raw food items (often bought in bulk)
  • Packaged food and snacks, especially Biscuit
  • Personal, home and laundry care products
  • Browsing data and call credit
  • TV Subscription renewal to keep boredom at bay, for entertainment and for News and up to date information
  • Health care products/Food supplement (micro-nutrients mainly) to boost the immune system in the face of the Pandemic.

Herein, lies opportunity!

If you play in the “essentials” categories, then you should be keen to ensure positive brand perception as a relevant and reliable partner, in these trying times, as well as prominence in the shopping basket.

There is current tendency to stay glued to the TV and to Social/New Media for extra long hours to kill boredom, for entertainment, for News and for self improvement.

This is a good time for Brand Communication as Moms and Shopper Dads are watching, listening and making choices.

It is also a good time to initiate and communicate CSR activity.

Thanks to the lockdown life, Moms and Shopper Dad have learnt to re-order their priorities, to be better “Money Managers” and to self improve in readiness for the post COVID 19 era.

Brands that are perceived as essential, in these unusual times, will sail through unscathed while others struggle for survival or die.

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